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How to overcome performance anxiety
Virmax / VirmaxX39 Ingredients-For-Naturall Male-Enhancements
Virmax / VirmaxX39 Ingredients-For-Naturall Male-Enhancements

Prof. Dell'Agli and his colleagues tested the four plants in vitro to see how efficient they were at inhibiting PDE5. Just one - Epimedium brevicornum, also known as horny goat weed

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• Performance anxiety is one of the most important factors that cause Erectile Dysfunction


The meaning  of anxiety is mental discomfort and  feeling that one will not be able to master future circumstances.

Performance anxiety, is about worries over  erectile responses and longevity of erection and thinking about it.

Anxiety is realized when underlying anxieties manifest  alongside with previous neutral things or experiences; for instance, a man often thinking about his sexual performance  while with a woman can become anxious just at the sight of bedroom leading to development of particular thought patterns and behaviour.

Everyday stress occurrences can be about work and responsibilities, or relationship issues divorce or separation, arguments, or age related issues generally feeling depressed and side effects of other illnesses.

If these circumstances are repetitive in daily life, body's  protection layers are weakened and can lead to irritability and anxiety. When these happenings occur concurrently the negative effects of stress on the body  will be increased.

The vicious cycle does not end here, on top of life stressors resulting in irritability and anxiety coupled with erectile problems can contribute to performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety causes man's self-confidence to sink further generating more problems himself. These factors lead to increasing anxiety and increasing ED resulting in a vicious cycle of failure and escalating to anxiety some men does nothing and instead avoids intimacy and relationships.

Their female partner may be thinking, if she is no longer desirable to her husband / boyfriend and that she is getting too old for him to want her or her partner no longer loves her.

She may also be concerned about her partner's faithfulness. Anger, sexual frustration, arguments and lack on intimacy in the relationship can develop.

On-going erectile dysfunction further deepens problems in communication and lack of understanding and could deteriorate the situation.

These negative energies present can become extremely difficult to break out and the poisonous cycle of stress and anxiety and erectile dysfunction may be part of life cycle.


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