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Prof. Dell'Agli and his colleagues tested the four plants in vitro to see how efficient they were at inhibiting PDE5. Just one - Epimedium brevicornum, also known as horny goat weed - had an effect.

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I am now able to maintain a full rock hard sustained harness for the entire course of intercourse. I can even rest up for about 30 to 45 minutes and go again! I've never been able to do that before.

Virmax+39, helped me how I am in bed and forgetting about problems of ED  while getting my confidence back helped me to understand I do not have ed. I feel like I'm the luckiest guy alive so thumbs up to VirmaxX39 for putting my life straight.:-))


I respected that but the last time we were together, our love life did not have the fire as before, it felt as if we were having mechanically, I started reading online about how to put back the sparks in to our love life.

Finally, I ordered your Virmax Adonis Pack and it arrived on a Friday afternoon. That evening, we had what I would consider one of the best times in bed. Ourlove  life has never been lifeless again..

I was overweight and advised to change my eating habits but I wanted something more wholesome and something I could take as a supplement and that’ s when I found out virmaxX39. It really worked for me and with the understanding from my wife and her fat free cooking techniques has been helping lowering my cholesterol  levels, as I am getting healthier I take VirmaxX39 less often and feeling good about my progress on the way to getting whole lot getting fitter.

Needless to say I cannot have enough  now and  the confidence that VirmaxX39 has given me is unreal. And, the more I practice the better I seem to get! I guess practice really does make perfect because not only

I have rock solid longer lasting virility but also my recovery time after is now quicker than ever before, best of all I rarely use it now as I am top man without it too. Thanks for the great product!


With VirmaxX39 the way it has worked  for me, I am a new man now, and I am glad that I tried and ordered it! It has pretty much saved my relationship and put us back on track.


VirmaxX39 gave me a backup plan so that I could relax and not have to get anxious and upset over those times when stress was interfering with my ability to enjoy Just knowing that it is there for me was enough to help matters.


My wife and I have recently gone through boring life syndrome. One of our wish was that it was time to revive our flagging love life. Being in our mid 30 and on regular employment, we wanted to add some spice to our love life. With Virmax my virility are harder and I perform better than before.

We were committed to rekindling our love life, and Virmax certainly have helped. Also when I'm on Virmax and after first climax I used to fall asleep but now we have another go, something which I was not able to do before.


I am  harder than even before! And what's good is that it has given me the moral boost to combat whatever psychological reasons that made me temporarily depressed.I feel that I am completely revitalized now.


If I saw a beautiful woman, I used to feel anxious about thinking if would I be able to impress her in bed now I do not give it a second thought at least I know that I am not alone at needing for harder and longer virility and VirmaxX39 does look after two parts some woman cannot reach.. Well sometime at least.


I have to say, Virmax+39 helped me immensely to rise to the occasion, I can last longer than usual, my recovery time seemed shortened also and I have it more often .
Thanks to Virmax+39 for being my back up team, sometimes a man needs a little helping hand too.


If I met a beautiful woman, I used to feel anxious about if would I be able to impress her in bed before, now I do not give it a second thought, I know that I am not alone who needs and after for harder, longer virility I feel more positive with myself now and have hit the gym to get in to shape. Basically VirmaxX39 stopped me going in to further depression and give up on myself.


I stumbled on Virmax+39 by accident and was only swayed to order it because it was fairly inexpensive in comparison to other products. And had 45 days money back guarantee if it did not work.With VirmaxX39 it is better now and there is no problems with ED issues.


I have to say, Virmax has changed all that and now my virility are as hard as it should be with condom, yes I hate condoms and the intimacy of it is reduced and it is clear I do not enjoy it also, however we are not ready for a child right now and VirmaxX39 helped to have intercourse with condom, Thanks..


Well, thank you guys at Virmax!! The quality of my virility and the passion that goes with it and how long he can last and making sure their partner reaches to orgasm before he reaches his.
I hope some men takes note and do something about it as I think there are many  frustrated women out there.


I was happy and also started taking Virmax American Ginseng for that extra stamina and energy, as well. They have really helped me boost my energy levels and lasting longer

My libido has gone up and I need  Virmax Stop most of time, without it I have serious pe, which is not good for  me and my  girlfriend. Thanks Virmax Stop.


I decided to try Virmax Adonis pack which is combination of Virmax Stop, American Ginseng and VirmaxX39. I have read before that the ginseng herb as a natural aphrodisiac but didn't think much of it. But now, I have to say that it works, at least for me.

First I noticed that our lovemaking lasting longer and behold I can feel the enjoyment before I climax rather than a numbing orgazm before I had with those numbing creams. I can adjust duration of lovemaking depending on how many Virmax stop I take, 4 capsules a night is my daily supplement dose...

Since taking Virmax Adonis combination, sex has never been as rewarding for me and my partner.


I was encouraged with Virmax American Ginseng extract 10:1 and decided Ito test it with VirMaxX39 to improve my performance in bed. I loved my extended stamina and have very hard virility, I realized when I am very hard, and less sensitive and in return I last longer.

Before,  I would doze off right away after a minute love making, I have extra stamina and I am sure my girlsloves me more as I bring her heights of enjoyment..


I was pleasantly surprised when after two weeks of regular intake of the supplement, I feel I am more passionate in bed and my wife loved my new found lust and I have more energy than before.I also noticed an increased appetite for love making. In the past, it was ok, something that had to be done in a relationship. Now I am longing for my wife and want it really bad, I guess my 9-5 work routine, doing same things everyday sucked my energy levels and my lust for life.

It is as if I feel younger and also more alert now, I am also more aware what is happening around me.
I definitely recommend Virmax American Ginseng 10:1 to anyone looking to boost their energy levels and improve their quality of life.


I must say that I have been extremely satisfied with the results. I have found that my drive is a lot better than before, and that I am much more interested than I had been. My wife is also pleased and she makes sure we take 5 Virmax Stop capsules each day.


I wanted to be as good as when I was in my early twenties and I started on the Virmax Adonis pack. I now have better, stronger virility and lasting longer, The Virmax American Ginseng provides the energy and helping me go long without going breathless.

I like to put ladies enjoyment before mine and this pack just put in what I wanted all along. I love giving women maximum enjoyment and if their reactions are anything to go by, it works for them and for me.


I finally decided to do something about this and ordered the Virmax Adonis pack. The next time I had intercourse  felt like  stiffer and fuller arousal. But what I liked most is I lasted for minutes rather than seconds, no more finishing  in 40 seconds this boosted my confidence massively and, as result. I am definitely going to use Adonis pack combination.


I combined it with Virmax Adonis pack, this has really helped me maintain my virility, energy levels and duration of our love making. I've been very happy with the results. I can tell you that any guy that wants to be good in bed and wants to last longer needs to know about this stuff. I  am happy just being able to please my girlfriend to the full and never expected I would be this good in bed.


When I found the Virmax Stop, it was like a godsend. The VirmaxX39 gives me the confidence that no matter when the mood strikes, I'll be ready to go. The Virmax Stop allows me to do my thing without worrying that

it's going to suddenly end abruptly. And the Virmax American Ginseng helped me get my libido back where I need the energy. I can keep up half an hour in bed now. Cheers!


I like d the 45 days money back guarantee and order the test packet, for a good measure I took suggested five capsules to see and guess what I lasted six minutes and yes six minutes  I have to say I love Virmax Stop it is great because it's all natural, has no side effects, and really works.

I strongly urge other guys out there, if they are in same situation as me and not happy with PE, give yourself a chance and try Virmax Stop because it really works.


At first my expectations were low, to say the least but thought what the heck 45 days money back guarantee, what do I have to lose. However, to my surprise VirmaxX39 together with Virmax Stop worked like magic. My herdness quickly become fuller and I had no problem lasting 20 minutes. What's more, when my wife and I want to make love I now always get maximum arousal, which wasn't the case before.
Thank you so much."

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