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How to Stop Premature Ageing Now

it is obesity that will actually age us quicker. A man who has been obese for over ten years will have a bodily age of 9 years older than a slim fellow who was born in the same year. Put smoking and obesity together and it adds up to over ten years of additional ageing.

Men experiencing conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes much earlier than previous generations. This is being perceived in medical circles as a dangerous "advanced ageing", leading to fears that, as their conditions put greater strains on their systems for longer, their life spans will be reduced.

Middle-aged spread

How did it get there? That spare tyre suddenly displaying around the abdomen seems practically inescapable to most men in their forties and comes about as the result of an unfortunate old habits. 

Eating same amount as before, eating late, being  less active, as we get older, the body need less food , because the metabolism has slowed down, the body converts excess food to stored fat.

What is slowed down metabolism?

Energy used will be burned less efficiently, so more of that will be transformed to fat too. Then, as for man, this fat will be distributed around  waist. The muscles that might hold it a bit more upright once it gets there are starting to lose density and strength, and are therefore more likely to let it drop.

Perhaps the worst thing about middle-aged spread is that it has no respect for age - it can start to show itself as soon as your lifestyle becomes less energetic, which might be as early as your twenties.

If you take healthy lifestyle to get rid of the belly fat and take exercise, the weight may remain the same, just because you aren't putting on weight you aren't getting fat. Muscle weighs more than fat, thus as your body starts exchanging the muscle for the fat the weight will stay around the same.

Men's fertility and Sperm Count

Although the numbers of living sperm per discharge go down as we get older, there will be very little change, indeed it is not uncommon for men above the age of sixty to father children. Sex drive can decrease slightly, as some testicular mass may be lost, meaning testosterone levels can decline, and it might take more to get you aroused, as responses will be slower.

Repeat performances could be confined to memory too, as it will take longer to replenish seminal fluid reservoirs and to get another erection.

In spite of erectile dysfunction being more common among older men, this is not inevitable. It comes about because of other medical conditions that are more prevalent among this age group, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Avoid Eating late or Before Going to Bed

As we get older, aging slows down our metabolism and dietary requirements for a healthy later life aren't actually that much different from what you've always been eating. To achieve the required vitamins and minerals you'll need to maintain a good balance of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrate, but there will be certain things you should avoid too.

Foods high in cholesterol should not be eaten; and sugar needs to be limited, because of the increased risk of diabetes.

It will benefit you to eat less and more often - five or six small meals a day - and to make sure to maintain up your water intake, even if it does mean visiting the bathroom more often than you might like.

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